Which Do You Like (2015)?

Would my Gentle Readers please review the pictures below and let me know which are their favourite 5 out of these 17 pics?  You can see them below, or a little larger here.

I am trying to decide which images I should submit to the Sony Worldwide Competition.

Apologies to those who have already seen this on Facebook – I am still learning how to get everything working together.

photocrati gallery


3 thoughts on “Which Do You Like (2015)?”

  1. Jim and I both looked. We both chose #1 and #17. I also liked #2, 5 and 16. He liked 3, 8 and 14. My very favourite is #2!!!

  2. My five favourites, in no particular order, are as follows: Oregon coast (1240), Architectural Night Study #2 (1442), Hosta leaves (1479), Lerwick (2394), and Architectural Night Study #1 (1664)

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