HuffPo Shortlist and Site Update

I have rebuilt the website to allow more flexibility in how I present images.  This post is to let you know that, and to test the email notification system for which you are signed up.  I also thought I would mention that this image was shortlisted by the Huffington Post (91 images shortlisted out of 5,000 submitted) when they recently put out a call for a ‘green’ image.  I was pretty pleased to be in such restricted company.  Maybe by the end of the year I will actually have sold something!

Host Leaves (1479)

A study of hosta leaves

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Penny’s 60th Party Photos


My thanks to Ted Hayes for taking these pictures during our party.  As a result of which, he is not in any of them :-( Scroll down to see who is in each picture. If you would like a copy just let me know!

Penny, Barbara and LynneJosie, Ira and TeresaPenny, Kate and Shelagh-AnnMaurice, Penny and Shelagh-AnnIra, Jan and BethJanet and ChrisJoanne, Tanya and Paula - colour co-ordinated!Connie, Mary-Ann and BarbaraAngie and Anne - more co-ordinated tops!Paula and MauriceShelagh-AnnPenny and Barbara - not too shabby for 60 and 64



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Clouds in New Mexico

One of my “New Mexico Clouds” images has been accepted for inclusion in a Beautiful Clouds and Skies marketing collection.  It is the first one shown below.

The clouds in New Mexico are unlike anything we have here in British Columbia.  On the plains, at high elevation, they are enormous and white and almost Biblical in dimension and power.  When it rains, it rains hard!

Difficult to choose the image to show you here – which is your favourite?


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Cheesy Flower Shots

Tiger Lily (0059)Iris, from Sino-Soviet Conflict (211)A "Sheila" RoseAmaryllisBlue FLower (628)
How cheesy can you get? I was gathering images for a competition about “natural bright colours” and realized I have a number of close-up flower shots, often with rain or dew drops! I didn’t realize I took so many such obvious pictures – but the natural world is a beautiful place.  If you hover over the picture you’ll see a bit about each one.



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Of Seagulls and the Sea

I have recently been doing more long exposure photography – several minutes at a time, using neutral density filters to cut the light coming in to the frame.  This can give a silky feel to moving water (waterfalls anyone?) and an interesting look to the clouds (which I have yet to achieve as it has not been cloudy/windy enough).

I took this picture on a grey day on  Whidbey Island, WA.  The exposure was 6 minutes, during which time these seagulls came and sat on the rocks and then flew away – none of which I intended.  There were too many people around for me to shout them away.  Interesting effect though, a little like very early photographs which were also, of necessity, long exposures.

Long exposure of Washington coast, with seagulls on the rocks

Long exposure of Washington coast, with seagulls on the rocks

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Ogden Point, Victoria, BC

I hope this image conveys the peace and serenity at Ogden Point, along with the beauty of the design of the breakwater. It was a good sunset – the same night I took the picture of the Inner Harbour, showing Victoria floating in a sea of blue. That might be Venus in the upper right area.

Ogden Point 1057

Ogden Point, Victoria, BC at sunset

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Winter in Ottawa

I was in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago and it was bloody cold! -20C with some wind in the evening. It snowed a little but was mostly rather overcast. Here are three pictures which sum up my visit. Largely boring architecture and long, flat streets with not many people on them – for good reason.

Icy Steps (988)Icy Street (997)Ottawa Building (1007)






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Victoria, BC – A Floating City

This was early evening in Victoria, BC.  The Inner Harbour was very pretty, looking north and the city seemed to be entirely floating in a blue universe.  A four second exposure, with no colour manipulation – this is just as it looked.

The Inner Harbour at Victoria, BC  at dusk

The Inner Harbour at Victoria, BC at dusk

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Architectural Nighttime Shots

There is a new condo building in downtown Vancouver shaped a bit like l’arche de la Défense in Paris.  There are eight concrete columns supporting the arch, with a ninth column made to look like tree bark and inserted as part of the public art required for the project.  It think it is interesting at night.

Architectural Night Lights (925)Architectural Night Lights (923)Architectural Night Lights (929)


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Perthshire Waterfalls

In November, the two days I spent between Pitlochry and Dalwhinnie were a bit dreich.  The colours of the leaves were not really coming through very well.  I went in search of waterfalls to test my new ND filter, which lets you really slow down the shutter speed, to get a silky-smooth effect on the water.

These were taken at the Black Spout, Pitlochry and at the falls behind the House of Bruar outside Blair Atholl and along the south side of Loch Tay.

Waterfall (711)Black Spout Waterfall (700)Falls fo Bruar (703)Waterfall (709)Forest Pool (712)Waterfall (729)


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