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Tugboat pulling a freighter towards the Lion’s Gate Bridge

Greetings, gentle readers …

Happy New Year to everyone!

Lloyds Building, City of London
Lloyds Building, City of London

I’ve started a Facebook page for my photography so if you’d like to see a new picture every other day (or so) I invite you to head on over to Facebook and Like the page.
If you Like the images I post, I’ll try to put up more in the same vein. I’ll still be posting on my main site, especially travel photos and image series. This won’t make us Facebook Friends, it just means you’ll be able to see a great image every couple of days.

Even better if you tell two Friends, and they tell two Friends … who knows how many Followers I might end up with!

Best wishes for a fabulous 2017

Which Do You Like (2016)?

Hello Gentle Readers – it is that time of the year again when I present my favourite images from the last year.  Some of you will have seen one or two of these before – I hope they are still fun to look at.

Mount Assiniboine With Storm Clouds (095)

I will be using a few of them in my competition submissions over the next little while.  If any of these appeal to you, I’d be very grateful if you dropped me a line telling me which ones you like best – perhaps the judges will agree with you 🙂




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Bikers on the Ferry

Going to the Olympic Peninsular on the August long weekend I spotted these fellows on the ferry. The weather was lovely and they were obviously heading off on a fun cruise along the windy road.

Not my usual kind of image, as I don’t generally “do” people, but converting to black and white seemed appropriate to the machines and the men riding them.

Bikers On The Ferry
Bikers On The Ferry
On the ferry to Port Townsend, WA

Cowboy Boots – Photohaus Exhibition 2014

This is one of my all-time favourite photographs.  I took it almost 30 years ago, in the early 1980’s at the Cloverdale Rodeo just outside Vancouver, BC.  It was a very hot day.  I was fascinated by the boots and stirrups and gear that the men (mostly men) wore.  These are working cowboys who compete in events that represent what they do out on the range.  Actually, that should probably be in the past tense as a lot of range work is done in trucks now, rather than on horseback.

I printed the image some time around 1984-85 and have had it hung in my house for many years.  When I decided to enter it in the Photohaus Exhibition I did not have a digital image to send them.  I scanned it using our plain old office scanner and then realised, when I looked at it on the computer, that there had been a lot of dust on the negative when I originally printed it.  I was able to clean that up, but left the detail of the horse’s veins on the lower left side behind the rider’s leg.  Photohaus printed it well for the show and now I have a new print to hang in my house!


Cowboy boot in stirrup, taken at the Cloverdale Rodeo, mid-1980's
Cowboy boot in stirrup, taken at the Cloverdale Rodeo, mid-1980’s