Currie Saddle Loop (Day 2)

The Currie Saddle Loop hike was billed as an intermediate hike of 9 km with 450 m elevation gain.  This was inaccurate!  We ended up classifying it as an Advanced, Technical 8-hour hike of about 16 km with something like a 900 m elevation gain (this is net – we had lots of ups and downs).  Luckily the weather mostly held for us and we had a very pleasant cool day, with threatening clouds that passed us by. Read the blog post for more details.

Ready For A Long Day Out (055)Flag On the Trail (057)White Man Mountain From The Trail (058)BC Marker No 2 (068)Skyline_069-Pano.jpgShale Descent to Mount Currie Shoulder (073)White Man Mountain From Mount Currie Shoulder (074)Fixing The Boot (080)Red Paintbrush (077)NW To Mount Assiniboine, Aurora Mountain and Mount Begby (084)Mount Assiniboine From the SE (086)Mount Assiniboine From the South (086)Northern Panorama From Above Orange Gully (089)Orange Gully (065)Mount Assiniboine With Storm Clouds (095)Mount Assiniboine From Above Orange Gully (101)Rock At Orange Gully (109)