Around Camp

A few pictures from around camp. Read the blog post for more details.

Tent Poles (218)Our Hot Water Source (213)Marilyn Lighting the Woodstove (216)Electric Fence To Keep Bear Outside Camp (226)Welcoming Woodstove Smoke (227)Camp Musician Katy, Aided by Chris (229)Feet Around the Fire (237)Poles Against The Guy Lines (036)White Man Mountain From Camp (037)Jamie's Ridge From Camp (039)White Man Mountain In Cloud (040)Our Tent (134)All Mod Cons (140)The Music Tent (141)Outfitters Bringing Supplies (148)Happy Hour Feet (153)Happy Hour Feet (154)Happy Hour Feet (155)Happy Hour Feet (156)Sunset on White Man Mountain (157)Brush Throughout Camp (203)