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Architectural Nighttime Shots

There is a new condo building in downtown Vancouver shaped a bit like l’arche de la Défense in Paris.  There are eight concrete columns supporting the arch, with a ninth column made to look like tree bark and inserted as part of the public art required for the project.  It think it is interesting at night.

Architectural Night Lights (925)Architectural Night Lights (923)Architectural Night Lights (929)


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Chinatown Umbrellas – Photohaus Exhibition 2014

This is the second image chosen by Photohaus for exhibition in June 2014.  I shot this on 13-Feb-2010 which was both Chinese New Year and also the opening day of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.  It was a glorious day in Vancouver – not something we can count on at that time of year – and the whole city was abuzz with excitement.  We went into town on the Skytrain and wandered around the Olympic venues and down into China Town.

These umbrellas – part of some decor for a private party – caught my eye.  It is a happy image for me.

Chinese New Year, February 2010, Vancouver, BC

Chinese New Year, February 2010, Vancouver, BC


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