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Which Do You Like (2015)?

Would my Gentle Readers please review the pictures below and let me know which are their favourite 5 out of these 17 pics?  You can see them below, or a little larger here.

I am trying to decide which images I should submit to the Sony Worldwide Competition.

Apologies to those who have already seen this on Facebook – I am still learning how to get everything working together.

Vancouver By Night From the North Shore (0930)Oregon Coast (1240)Fishing Boats at Dusk (1056)Urban Study (1243)Ogden Point, Victoria (1057)Architectural Night Study #2 (1442)Hosta Leaves (1479)The Back Lane (1501118)Red Canoe at KilbyArchitectural Night Study #1 (1664)Bikers On The Ferry #2 (1719)Lerwick (2388)Bikers On The Ferry #1 (1717)A Pocket of Shetland Sun (2096)Lerwick (2394)Lily (1313)Entering the Inner Harbour (2502)


Vancouver on a Cold Winter’s Evening

I bundled up warm and took my camera down to Kits Point as the sun was going down on a sunny, but very cold (for Vancouver), afternoon.  It was -7 C in town and a lot colder by the water!  The air was clear and as the sun set the sky changed colour nicely and the West End looked good, with the mountains in the background and the lights in the apartments coming up. There was a bit of a red sky in the west as well, to silhouette the ships and sail boats in English Bay.

Vancouver, West End at Dusk 876English Bay (884)